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Hey everyone!

My name is Lily!

I will be here to answer any questions you may have and keep you updated on all the PAWSome things going on at Dog Daze of Summer!

If you have more questions, head on over to our FAQ section or submit your question below!


"Hey all, Willie here...for my fellow pups that joined us the last two years for our Dog Daze of Summer event, I hope to see you all again this year! For my new friends, make sure you get your humans to bring you to RiverWest Park on 233rd and Maple! It is PAW-SOME! It's on the riverfront, there is a beach, there will be music, and even beer for us! I am very excited to be this year's spokes dog. JuJu and Willie did a GREAT job last year answering your questions! If you have any questions, just bark at the form below!"

Looking to add to your family?

"So adopting a rescue pup makes my heart melt. This year, Dog Daze of Summer is going to have an adoption time from Noon-3pm where we have rescues and non-profits from all over bring their furry friends! If you're interested, make sure to come at Noon to see all the cuddle buds that are looking for a home! If you are a non-profit or rescue make sure you contact Sarah and get involved with this event - it is FREE to attend! "

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